Cara with baby Skye in 2006

Hello, I'm Cara, The Cubby Coach.

Back in 2006, my first baby was 3 months old. I recall sitting in a mom's group gathering listening to five wiser moms talk about the various preschool philosophies of the program that their child attended. My baby and I were sleep deprived, I was heading back to work soon, and was overwhelmed by this information. A few years later, I started a preschool fair that invited the local preschools in so that families could meet the directors and learn all about the programs.

I started helping families figure out which type of preschool best fitted their needs. Through running workshops, talking at preschool fairs, and helping clients with their individual searches, I have been able to assist hundreds of families in their quest to find a good fit preschool for their child. I’m now taking that information and turning it into an online course so that it can be accessible to more families… and we don’t have to worry about Covid exposure. 

Is this you?

Does the thought of finding a preschool cause you some stress?

Are you a busy parent to a young child in Marin?

Do you want to send your child to preschool but are a bit overwhelmed with either too much information or not enough?

I have an online course that will teach you about preschool selection options, will help you think about what you are really looking for, and will help you narrow down your choices.

It’s not rocket science by any means, but spending an hour on this course can save you many hours of research and frustration that you can be better off spending with your child or job instead.


Key benefits:

Key benefits:

🧩 Understanding preschool options

🧩 Figuring out your logistics and needs

🧩 Thinking about the personality of your child

🧩 Understanding the puzzle of putting all the pieces together to make your selection.

Key features:

🧩 Easy to understand lessons that you can do over time

🧩 Online form to help jot down your thoughts for analysis

🧩 Parent handouts

Irresistible bonuses:

🧩 Be a Beta tester for the new course at a very discounted rate

🧩 As a Beta tester, you will get discounted access to future features.

🧩 Exclusive private community (Facebook group) where we can discuss the selection process and get to share information on the various preschools

🧩 Access to a quick 15 minute one on one initial consultation with me to discuss specific preschool programs. (slight additional cost)

🧩 Or you can upgrade and get the package with a 60 minute initial consultation where we can dive deeper into specific programs and options. (additional cost)

🧩 Upgrade to my full consultation package after you take the course. The full consultation is usually $400, but it will be $300 once you have finished the online course.

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